Cubbit: The next gen of mobile data bank

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With blockchain tech upwards, it has successfully been transformed to different forms. And among all of these, decentralized data cloud storage must be a mature tech that could reinvent our daily data use.


Cubbit, which is a decentralized data storage device that designed with P2P tech, it could be used as a remote access for your personal data storage, that supports data transferring.


Its features mainly including:

Safe personal data: The data in Cubbit could be only upload and read by you and your family who know your password, and to well protect your data from leakage. 

ludicrous speed: As claimed, Cubbit provides instant upload service and download with near-instantaneous. Especially when you are at work, or driving, you are just manipulate it at your home with your phone app without occupy your bandwidth. 

No monthly fee: Unlike Dropbox and other cloud provides, Cubbit is a once-for-all cloud storage for your usage, no monthly fee and free expandable capacity with any hard drives.

I support this revolutionary product could bring more convenience to every family. This Italy company is raising money on KICKSTARTER, collected over 900 backers till now.  

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